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Welcome to Sit Means Sit dog training Ocean County New Jersey. Bob Campanile is the owner and head trainer of Ocean County’s Sit Means Sit. He is also a 20-year police veteran with 14 years’ experience as a dual-purpose police service dog handler and trainer. Bob places 3rd at the police dog National Championships! Our method combines cutting edge technology in the use of a remote dog training collar, and hands-on training from our expert trainers. Sit Means Sit brings an internationally-recognized program to your town! When you look at dog training schools in New Jersey, only Sit Means Sit brings this proven method of remote collar training combined with Bob Campanile’s more than 14 years of dog-handling experience.

Millions of families across America have a beloved dog as a member of their family. Many are trained, but more often than not these four-legged family members are a challenge. Digging in the backyard (or your neighbors!), jumping on guests, chasing the cat, chewing on furniture and shoes, and barking are just some of the problems our clients have with their dogs.

Here at Sit Means Sit we understand how much you love your dog and are here to help and improve your relationship with your dog. Yelling, chasing and pleading with your dog hasn’t worked and being frustrated with your pet is no fun. Sit Means Sit can change all that. We’ve worked with dogs of every size, breed and temperament using the remote collar combined with our obedience training to bring excellent results. It doesn’t matter how young or old, how big or small, or what breed your dog is, with Sit Means Sit dog training, New Jersey pet owners can breath a sigh of relief.

We know how busy your life is, so our Sit Means Sit dog trainers in New Jersey offer unlimited private or group training sessions in order to help meet all your scheduling needs. We evaluate your dog individually and tailor a program that will work to improve your relationship with your pet as well as improve your pets overall well-being. With our New Jersey puppy training school, we tackle issues before they become problems. With older dogs, we will solve all of their bad habits such as digging, chewing, unwanted jumping on people and furniture as well as highlight and strengthen your dog’s good behaviors. A well trained and disciplined dog is a happy dog and that will make you a happy pet owner. Call us now to set up a free in home demonstration and consultation with no cost or obligation.


Contact us now to set up your free demonstration with your dog, you’ll be glad you did!

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