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Dog Whisperer | Dog Whispering Book DVD | Cesar Millan Paul Owens

The Welcome Home! Ultimate Guide is the ultimate dog training DVD for all newly-adopted puppies and dogs!

“What I wanted to create was an ultimate guide for anyone who has rescued a new puppy or dog from the shelter and is wondering ‘Now what do I do?’ And more importantly, ‘How do I do it!?’

“This Ultimate Guide consists of an hour long program, plus a 12-page Quick Start Guide packed with all the basic information you need to keep your new arrival safe and get his or her training off to the best start possible.

~Paul Owens

In this brand new dog training DVD, Paul provides step-by-step instructions using the same tried and true, positive, force-free, reward-based methods that he has used to train dogs for over 40 years. You will learn about:

•Basic Training
•’The Nine Ingredients’
•Health and Safety
•Crate Training
•House Training
•and much more!

Comes with a 12-page Quick Start Guide packed with additional helpful information to get you and your new pup off on the right paw!

Bonus: includes a 20 minute in-depth interview with vaccination and nutrition expert Dr. Jean Dodds, DMV.

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