Dog training routine

Break the dog-training routine (column)

Dogs are such bundles of joy. From the cuteness of a puppy to the deep loyalty of an adult, dogs are truly man's best friend. However, dogs are very pliable animals; who they are and who they become depends in large part on how they are trained and how they are treated within their family (or pack). One of the great things about dogs and puppies is their deep interest in filling their family role and making their family happy. As humans, we can take full advantage of this feature (which isn't found in any other pet) and train our dogs to reach their fullest potential as members of our family.

Dogs are very routine oriented. They love precise daily routines. So, the first step to good dog training is consistency. Consistency does two things. It shows your dog who is in control and it also makes clear what her family role is. Dedicate specific times of day to do things with your dog. An obvious activity is letting your dog outside to go to the bathroom. You should pick three or four times a day, equally spread out, that are specifically for your dog to go potty. Make sure to let you dog know that its time to go potty by saying the same thing every time "Let's Go Potty!!!"

Another obvious routine to get in the habit of is one or two daily walks. Early in the morning before work and/or in the evening after work are perfect times to give your dog some much needed exercise. Make sure to be disciplined about this activity and do it every day at the same time. Your dog is aware of variations in routine that are over 15 minutes.

As we develop this site, our hope is to provide advice to the new dog owner to make training your puppy or dog as easy as possible. We'll focus on the obvious things first: barking, jumping, chewing, nipping and going to the bathroom. Then we'll move into the more complex types of training that are involved in learning tricks and various athletic and mental tasks. Lastly, we'll provide information for those looking to introduce their dogs into the increasingly popular competitions that take place throughout the United States.

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