Dog training in New Jersey

Dog Training, Exercising & Hunting
on Wildlife Management Areas

The Division of Fish and Wildlife supports the proper use of dogs while hunting for designated game species. Dog Training Areas areas are maintained on 14 Wildlife Management Areas for public use. Below are regulations regarding the use of dogs on WMAs.

A person may exercise or train dogs only in designated dog training areas on the following select WMAs from May 1 to August 31 inclusive:

Assunpink Glassboro Pequest Tuckahoe Black River Hainesville (water dogs only) Salem River Whittingham (upland and water dog areas) Clinton Manasquan Winslow Colliers Mills Millville Stafford Forge

Dog on point Maps showing locations of training areas are linked from the List of Wildlife Management Areas - Roads.

All dogs must be properly licensed. A person may exercise or train dogs on any WMA from September 1 to April 30.

Additional regulations (see NJAC 7:25-2:20 below) involve the release of game birds for training, the use of pigeons, the use of firearms, frozen game birds, the use of call back pens and the release of foxes, raccoons, rabbits and hares.

Please note that state WMAs and facilities are "carry in - carry out" and trash receptacles are not provided; please plan accordingly to not leave any trash or recyclables behind.

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